Reimagining life for you and your children

We’re so glad that you found your way to our website. In all likelihood, you have lost someone very close to you and are now raising your children on your own.

For nearly a decade, our team has been dedicated to understanding the unique challenges of widowed parents and have learned a fair bit that we think might be helpful to you.

We also want to know more about your experiences as a widowed parent so that we can better serve other families. If you have lost a co-parent within the last three years, please select the icon below to complete a brief survey.

For Parents

Better understand the grieving process, hear other widowed parents share their experiences, and access helpful resources.

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Your Child's Grief

Learn about how children grieve, discover steps you can take to help them cope, and connect with resources in your community.

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The Survey

Please complete a brief survey so that we can learn about your experiences as a widowed parent and help others.

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For Professionals

Learn about our ongoing clinical efforts and research studies aimed at reaching parents whose unique needs have been overlooked.

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Our Book

Find out about our new book that chronicles the challenges and triumphs of seven fathers who were part of our first support group.

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About Us

Meet the members of our team and learn how our program grew from focusing on solely fathers to all widowed parents.

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