Loss & Restoration

Each person grieves in his or her own way and each parent faces their own specific challenges. Yet, certain situations and experiences are common among widowed parents. As shown in the videos below, there is often more than one way to approach the same issue.

Going it Alone

The demands of being a widowed parent can feel relentless. You have more responsibilities on your shoulders than ever before, yet you are likely physically exhausted and emotionally drained. Adapting to these demands can be overwhelming, especially at first.

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Traditions and Holidays

Deciding how to celebrate holidays and whether to continue family traditions can be particularly challenging when children are involved. Should you maintain old customs? Should you create new ones now that Mom or Dad is gone?

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It’s Been a Year Now

The anniversary of the death of your loved one is likely etched in your mental calendar. Yet, there is no roadmap for how to approach and mark that day. Here, several fathers describe their experiences and what helped them get through that first anniversary.

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The Wedding Ring Thing

Taking off your wedding ring can raise many questions: Is it too soon? What if I still feel married? Will others notice? Does this signal that I’m ready to date again? What will the kids think? How will my in-laws take it? Are they still my in-laws?

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